Always on the lookout for good coffee

Coffee is a seasonal fruit and every grower has a different product. Each set of hands that are part of the coffee journey contributes to the final result in your cup – everyone from producers, importers, roasters and to the family of cafe owners and their staff. Coffee is our passion and we source, import, roast and sell what we believe is amongst the best coffees from around the world.

Roasting method

“We work with the importers closely to ensure it is a win-win relationship. We want the grower to receive the premium for the quality coffee they produce so we can develop long lasting relationships based on quality and integrity.”
Steg, Head Roaster

It is our job as craft roasters to bring out the natural sweetness and intrinsic flavours from each origin. In roasting, every step is just as important as the last. All the flavours are already in the green coffee bean so through the roasting process we work out which flavours we want to highlight and how best to bring them out. Delicious coffee doesn’t happen by accident.
We roast each coffee separately to achieve this. In fact, we never roast our blends altogether at the same time in the same batch, but roast all our origins individually then create the blend. This ensures each individual coffee has been developed to reach its peak flavour profile. That’s why our organic house blend, Magneto, has such great flavours that are very defined, balanced and consistent.

Coffee cupping

We cup our roasts regularly to ensure consistent flavours are maintained across each batch and throughout the seasons of the year.

Production cupping is an important tool to maintain quality control of the product. What you want is well developed coffee that has no undesirables like baked or ashy flavours or mouth feels. It’s writing tasting notes, checking quality between roasts and crops of coffee, it’s development of our palate and coffees.

Top Equipment

Our roastery is where all the action happens. We roast on the German engineered Probat 25kg drum roaster and use Cropster roasting intelligence to log data. Working with the best equipment makes it possible to maintain the highest priority of any coffee business, which is consistency.

We take it further and store our green beans in a climate controlled facility and use top-of-the-range packaging equipment. This enables us to reduce double-handling the product and maximise freshness. With ‘Environmental, Ethical and Sustainable’ values, our roastery is even powered by the 100kW solar panels we installed on our roof.

If you are interested in using our coffee within your venue we would love to hear from you. You can learn more about our coffee supply below.

We grow together.