Wonberta is Back!

We are so excited to have Wonberta back on our shelves. And this year’s crop is better than ever! Exhibiting everything we love about this coffee, Wonberta brings out unique flavours of classic strawberry jam, sweet fruits and mixed blossom honey notes. It’s the perfect light body, filter brew coffee.

This beautiful Ethiopian coffee is grown in the fertile soils around the Wonberta mill in Kercha. The mill has been operating for over 11 years, buying from around 500 neighbouring small-scale growers ensuring that the quality and production of this coffee is of a high standard.

This is a natural processed coffee, this process only uses fully ripe cherries which are handpicked to ensure only the fresh, ripe red and purple cherries are used and are sun-dried on African drying beds without any pulping or washing. The coffee is then milled, graded, sorted by hand, bagged up and sent to our HQ’s to be speciality roasted and brewed with love

Will you enjoy this bean?

The unique flavours of Wonberta are best discovered through a filter brew, with notes of strawberry jam, sweet fruits and mixed blossom honey. This bean is one of Ethiopia’s best offerings, a unique cup that, if you like black coffee is a must try!