aeropress brew guide

Perfect for camping, travelling or home. The AeroPress has everything you need to produce a great brew. It is easy to clean and consistent. Boiling water and fresh ground coffee are the only other essentials required.
What you will need:

AeroPress Maker
Paper or metal filter
Fresh Coffee
Filtered water
Your favourite mug or KeepCup

Bamboo paddle for stirring


Remove the filter holder of your AeroPress and pull the chamber and plunger apart.


Invert the AeroPress upside down so that filter is on top, join the two chambers together. Push the top chamber down so the rubber seal is 2cm inside the bottom chamber.


Place the inverted AeroPress on top of your scales and tare off.


Grind 12grams of freshly roasted coffee on a medium-fine grind. Pour the coffee into your AeroPress then tare off.


Bring some fresh filtered water to the boil and allow to cool for 60 seconds.


Start a timer and pour 150grams of water saturating all the grinds.


Use the bamboo paddle to stir the coffee and to push the floating coffee into the water.


Top up the AeroPress to a total of 200grams of water.


Place the Able Fine Disk, or pre soaked paper filter into the cap and screw on the filter.


At 1minute your AeroPress is ready.


Place your cup upside down on top of your AeroPress and flip the AeroPress over. Take care to grasp both chambers so they don’t move apart.


Apply even pressure by pressing down the AeroPress. It should take about 45seconds. The extraction is finished when you hear the air bubbles, don’t compress the grinds.


Now it’s time to enjoy your coffee and savour the moment!

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