Stovetop brew guide

Stovetop has been a popular choice for home style brewing for years. It produces coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee and creates a rich and full-flavoured style coffee. Stovetop is a good brew method for those who enjoy their coffee with milk.
What you will need:

Fresh coffee
Filtered water
Your favourite mug or KeepCup


Twist apart your stovetop and remove the filter basket.


Freshly grind enough coffee to slightly overfill your basket. The grind will need to be a notch coarser than espresso grind.


Add the coffee to your filter basket, slightly overfill.


Tap the filter on the bench once or twice to collapse and settle the grinds and remove any air pockets.


With a butter knife or flat object, scrape the basket to level off the coffee.


Fill your stovetop with boiling filtered water to just under the overpressure valve. Add the filter and screw the top on.


Turn heat source on to high.


Pressure will push the water up through the coffee into the top chamber when water boils.


Keep the lid open once the coffee starts pouring. When you see the first bubble, the stovetop should be taken off the heat.


Pour into your favourite mug. Now it’s time to enjoy your coffee and savour the moment!

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