Meet your best friend while camping or travelling. It’s never been easier or more affordable to brew a consistently great coffee. Boiling water and ground coffee are the only essentials you need with this bad boy.

How to brew using Aeropress

What you’ll need:

Paper or metal filter
Freshly ground coffee
Filtered water
Mug or KeepCup



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Follow the steps

1. Pull the chamber and plunger apart and give them a quick rinse with hot water.

2. Join the two chambers together. Push the top chamber down so the rubber seal is 2cm inside the bottom chamber.

3. Invert* the AeroPress upside down.

4. Grind 15g (full scoop) of coffee on a medium-fine grind. Pour the coffee into the brewer.

5. Bring water to boil and allow to cool for 60 seconds.

6. Start a timer and pour 250g of water (or fill to the top), saturating all the grinds.

7. Use the stirrer and push the floating coffee into the water.

8. Place the pre soaked paper filter into the filter cap and screw on.

9. At 1 minute, your coffee is ready.

10. Place your cup upside down on top of AeroPress and flip gently.

11. Apply even pressure while pressing down AeroPress for about 45 seconds.

12. The extraction is finished when you hear the air bubbles, don’t compress the grinds.

Extra Tip: The inverted method ensures all the coffee comes in contact with all the water for the entire brewing period, giving you consistent and tasty brew.

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