How to Brew with Cafeor One Cup Dripper

Do you like travelling but don’t like the idea of leaving your tasty drip style coffee behind? The Cafeor is a reliable little one-cup brewer that makes up to 200mL of delicious Pour Over coffee.

It’s made up of 3 parts – the glass mug, the filter and the lid. The filter allows the coffee oils to pass through and preserves the original flavours, so you can enjoy the authentic coffee aroma in your final brew. It fits inside the cup when stored, which makes it perfect for travels. What we probably like the best about the Cafeor is that it solves the issue of using paper filters – the stainless steel filter doesn’t need to be replaced, it’s easy to clean and environmentally friendly. 

Using this convenient Hario Cafeor Dripper is super easy. Simply follow these steps: