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  • Ryan Stegert Clandestino Roasters

    Washed vs. Natural Coffee with Ryan Stegert Ryan Stegert or 'Steg' is the Head Roaster at Clandestino Roasters. He was the first employee when the roastery opened in 2011. Starting out as a Barista in our flagship cafe, over the years Steg's role at Clandestino has evolved, having continuously gone from strength to strength. He is [...] Continue Reading
  • Rebuild Women’s Hope: Helping Women Reclaim Their Life

    Rebuild Women's Hope Helping Women Reclaim Their Life Rebuild Women's Hope (RWH) was started by 28 year old Marceline Budza, who grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo during one of the most violent periods in the country's history. In fact it was due to the economic and social struggles faced by her mother that Marceline was [...] Continue Reading
  • Wonberta is Back!

    We are so excited to have Wonberta back on our shelves. And this year’s crop is better than ever! Exhibiting everything we love about this coffee, Wonberta brings out unique flavours of classic strawberry jam, sweet fruits and mixed blossom honey notes. It’s the perfect light body, filter brew coffee. This beautiful Ethiopian coffee is [...] Continue Reading
  • Wait, is this really a decaf?

    Introducting Popayan Special Decaf One Thursday afternoon, the Clando crew and our supplier met for a blind cupping session at our HQ. The supplier lined up a range of different Colombian beans and told us there was one in particular we just had to try. We all went around the table slurping, tasting and analysing [...] Continue Reading
  • We Made One Humdinger of a Blend

    Humdinger Blend Clandestino Roasters x Humdrum Espresso A big part of our philosophy is that we love to collaborate with people who share our passion for coffee and have an innovative spirit in them. That’s why we’ve recently teamed up with Jack Wheeler-McMullen from Humdrum Espresso - to fulfill our long time dream of a [...] Continue Reading