Coffee Brewing Gear

Coffee brewing gear for your lifestyle.

If you’re anything like our crew you’ll have the best coffee brewing gear for your lifestyle, and if you’re unsure, well we’ve broken them down for you so you can get your morning fix the most ideal way.


The Adventurer

The weekend comes around and you’re off. Whether that’s camping, hiking, down at the beach, on a road trip, or really just anywhere but home, then we think this category is for you. Super portable, extremely delicious and oh-so easy we recommend getting either an Aeropress or a Hario One Cup Cafeor.

These handy little devices are super light, are small enough to fit in your back pack and most importantly, produce an amazing coffee! Perfect for all you people on the go.

See AeroPress – See Hario One Cup Cafeor


The Socialite

You love entertaining, enjoying the company of others in your home. Whether it’s for a small group or a party we’ve got the perfect apparatus for you! The trusty old Stovetop or Plunger that we all know and love is perfect for brewing small to large batches of delicious, smooth filter coffee for your occasion.

Available in different sizes to suit your lifestyle, there is a reason these trusty companions have been around for so long.

See Stovetop – See Plunger


The Lazy Weekender

Ahh we all love those lazy mornings at home. A nice little sleep in followed by a slow morning around the house, that sweet morning light filtering through. It makes our heart full just thinking about it!

If this sounds like your ideal morning than what better way to top it off than with some delicious filter coffee the best way we know how… Through a Pour Over or Chemex. These types of filter brews give you a clean, delicate coffee flavour that will fill your morning with so much happiness.

See Pour Over – See Chemex


The Athlete

You’re the sporty type. You’re usually up at the crack of dawn either on your bike, in your sneakers or in the water. You need coffee to get you through, something that will sustain you through your workout and keep you refreshed.

Have you tried cold brew or cold drip coffee?

If yes we’re sure you’re hooked, if no then you need this in your life! You can make this delicious drop at home through a Bruer or Cold Drip tower and keep it in your fridge for those sporty mornings… or any time really. This style of coffee gives a sustained release of caffeine, to keep you going on your morning mission.

See Bruer Cold Drip – See Cold Drip Tower

So there you have it. Whatever your brew method, whatever your lifestyle, we’ve got your coffee brewing gear needs sorted.  Browse our website for all our brew methods and products.