Coffee Courses

We are big believers in the power and importance of education, especially when it comes to crafting that perfect cup of coffee.

We invite you to come learn from our knowledgable team.
We offer a number of different courses that cover various aspects of making coffee for different skill levels. Throughout our training we delve into not just ‘how to do something, but why we do it’.
Explore our coffee courses and what you will learn in each one.

Intro to Espresso

Perfect for the new Barista and/or coffee enthusiast. Gain the core skills and/or refresher knowledge necessary to start making industry level coffee.

Latte Art

Turn milk into silk and paint the perfect pattern.

Home Barista

Delve into the nitty gritty of producing great coffee at home. Learn how to get the best results out of your home set up.

Advanced Barista

Delve deeper in to the practical skills and science required to achieve high levels of quality and consistency with espresso coffee.

Filter Brewing

Discover the fundamentals of a filter method of your choice. Plus unfold the knowledge and tasting skills required to analyse brewing results and adjust parameters for better results.

Have questions?

Detailed information about each course is available on the individual ‘Course Detail’ pages.
If you have more questions, please see the FAQs below.

Just about everyone should start with the Intro to Espresso Course, even baristas already in the industry as our approach to making coffee is more consistent and controlled than most other places. For instance, we use scales, parameters and specific measurements to achieve repeatable results. Therefore, it’s usually a very new and different way to make coffee for people. 90% of the time we say do the Intro to Espresso Course.

The only course that has prerequisites is the Advanced Barista Course. All other courses have no prerequisites. The Advanced Barista Course requires at least 2 years’ experience making coffee professionally.

If you’ve done the Intro to Espresso Course then yes, you can do the Advanced Barista Course. We don’t recommend doing Intro to Espresso and Advanced Barista Courses back-to-back. It’s an overload of information and therefore money wasted. The knowledge covered in the Intro to Espresso Course needs time to be absorbed and applied in practical skills first. We recommend doing the Advanced Barista Course no earlier than 2 weeks after the Intro to Espresso, so the info can settle and form a better groundwork for the Advanced Barista Course.

The main difference between the Intro to Espresso Course and the Espresso for Home Course is the equipment you learn on. We recommend thinking about where you plan to make the coffee (home or in a cafe) and what equipment you’ll be using, then decide which one to pick. Otherwise the core skills and knowledge is very similar. It’s just better to learn on equipment you’ll be using.

Course session times are shown on the individual course details page, however bookings shut off 24 hours prior to the course time. There is a Calendar that lists all the available time allocations for each course to pick. If for some reason you cannot make the time allocations listed, you can email [email protected] to possibly organise a different time.

All courses take place from our training facility, The Cube. The Cube is located inside our warehouse next to our roastery and HQ. Our address is 59 Rene Street, Noosaville QLD, 4566.

All changes to bookings need to be made no later than 48hrs before the course commencement time by phoning 1300 656 022 or emailing [email protected]. Cancellations will be refunded and changes will be considered if requested more than 48hrs in advance of the enrolled course. If a cancellation is made with in 48hrs of the course commencement time, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. In the event of a “no show”, no refund will be given unless sufficient evidence as to why is provided.

All our coffee courses take place on the upper level of the Cube.

Free Cupping

We invite you to come relish in the tastes and smells during one of our free cupping sessions

Every coffee roaster’s and grower’s favourite ritual, let yourself be guided by coffee experts who will explain the craft, show you tricks and talk coffee. Don’t be afraid to ask any question about your favourite bean and come say hi.
Free Cuppings run every Thursday in the upper level of The Cube at 11am. To secure a spot please call 1300 656 022 and put your name on the list. Spots are limited.

craft your moment

Explore our coffees and find the one that’s right for you.

Hone in on your skills and craft delicious coffee everyday from the comfort of home. It’s the first triumphs in your day that set the precedence of things to come.

Reward yourself with a great cup of coffee.