Coffee Subscriptions

Freshly roasted Clandestino beans delivered to your doorstep every two weeks.

Recently we did some soul-searching when we spent some coffee-deprived days whilst camping in the bush. We had accidentally left our beans behind in the big smoke on the kitchen bench. During this spiritual awakening (also known as a caffeine-withdrawal induced state-of-mind) we realised that life’s too short to spend your mornings without coffee.

When back in civilization (aka Noosa) and refuelled with the good stuff, we decided to launch our coffee subscriptions. You pick your beans and frequency, we’ll do all the nitty gritty stuff and deliver freshly roasted coffee to your door, every two weeks.

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose your bean

Try our most popular blends or taste new flavours with our single origins currently on offer.

Step 2: How much coffee?

We’ve got options for a single drinker, dedicated couple or a coffee positive office.

Step 3: Check your mailbox

The orders are packed and dispatched on Wednesdays.

Brew & Enjoy!

You’ll never run out of coffee again.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll never run out of coffee again! After you select one of our offers that fits your taste and coffee consumption, you’ll never have to think about your next order again. We’ll automate that process for you and you’ll be getting freshly roasted batch every two weeks.

Especially if you’re a regular, you’ll be saving money with each order while still collecting your points that will give you 10% discount for online shopping. Regular shipping dates allowed us to look at more valuable shipping options and we’ve passed on these savings to our subscription pricing to give you more value.

At this stage our only payment gateway that supports automatic recurring payments (needed for subscriptions) is Paypal. We will be updating our payment methods with more options as soon as is available. Stay tuned.

We pack & dispatch all subscription orders on Wednesdays which are our roasting days. Can’t get them fresher than that. This means that your first shipment will be sent out the following Wednesday after placing your order so we suggest you place your order close to the shipping day so you don’t have to wait for too long.

We strongly believe in freshness when it comes to coffee. You don’t want the beans sitting on that shelf for too long. We offer our subscriptions on a fortnightly basis.

This was a tough one for us. Our subscription model is based around the idea of freshness, consistency and convenience. When beans are ground, they lose carbon dioxide (which aids in preserving the freshness of coffee) and the coffee becomes exposed to high levels of oxygen, starting the oxidation process. Beans should ideally only be ground within 10 minutes of brewing. We know that not everyone has a grinder at home, so if you still prefer having your beans ground, we offer this service on one-off coffee purchases online.

Of course. You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time. All you need to do is go into your ‘My Account’ page, click on ‘My Subscription’ and select the option you want to change to.

No sad coffee bags sitting on your porch in pouring rain. We’ve added self managed stop-start option so that whenever you are going away, you can “suspend” your subscriptions until you’re back from travels.

You’re not locked in for life. If you feel like you want to mix it up a little, you can change your order before the next shipment at any time.

Give someone a gift that keeps on giving. Choose between our 3, 6 and 12 month subscription options and pay only once. From then, your loved ones will have freshly roasted Magneto Espresso Blend beans conveniently delivered to their door every month. It gets better! For our 6 and 12 month option, we also throw in a special gift in the first shipment – organic coffee soap or limited edition branded tee. The orders are shipped out every Wednesday, shipping is included in the one-time payment.

Your discount code can be applied to the first order when it comes through every Tuesday. If you’re buying a subscription on other days, leave us a note with the details of what discount code you’re using. Alternatively, we can issue a refund of the discount.

Yes! With every automatic subscription order, points will be added to your account. You can then use your points in our online store.

Coffee for all occasions.