Magneto Organic Blend

Rich Cocoa, Dried Berries, Nuts

Not a lover of surprises? Our most popular house blend is a true coffee all-rounder that holds well through milk and offers delicious notes of chocolate, berry & nuts.

Starting from $24 /fortnightly
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Stealth Blend

Dark Chocolate, Cedar, Walnuts, Molasses

Our full-bodied and dark roasted blend with chocolate and caramel caramel notes packs in a little bonus – an extra coffee punch. To really get you going in the mornings.

Starting from $23 /fortnightly
Shipping Included

Purosa Estate

Rich Dark Chocolate, Toasted Walnuts

A true crowd pleaser from Papua New Guinea is truly delicious & bold coffee that is also fully NASSAA Certified Organic.

Starting from $24 /fortnightly
Shipping Included

Humdinger Blend Drop #3

Dark Chocolate, Blackcurrant, Praline, Marzipan

Enjoy a seasonal blend of the highest scoring Colombian and Brazilian beans (60% to 40%) that hits the sweet notes just right. It’s a keeper for all who prefer lightly roasted beans.

Starting from $26 /fortnightly
Shipping Included

Popayan Decaf Blend

Chocolate, Panela & Tropical Fruits

You’ll be getting a premium Colombian bean so delightful that it will have you questioning if it’s really decaf in your cup.

Starting from $24 /fortnightly
Shipping Included

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