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Sasaba washing station is a hidden gem of Guji Zone producing a coffee that represents quality, consistency and balance year after year. We’re beyond excited to be able to offer you this spectacular naturally processed coffee produced by Tsegay Hagos Tesfaye. Clean, well-balanced and with sweet profiles, Sasaba is exactly what we love to taste in the best Ethiopian heirloom varietals.

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Mixed heirloom
Tsegay Hagos Tesfaye
Oromia, Guji
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Sasaba in Ethiopia mountains

We are amazed by the continued quality of Sasaba and proud to offer this coffee to you.

You might have tasted this coffee on our menu before as “Wonberta”. After our sourcing trip to Ethiopia we’ve decided to honour the quality processing at the Sasaba washing station and name it after it. Around 500 farmers growing fewer than 20 coffee trees in their backyards deliver ripe cherries to the mill owned by Tsegay Hagos Tesfaye, making the production a truly collaborative effort. The washing station sits at 1,700m altitude and is equipped with a large pulper and 600 African drying beds.

Sorting cherries at Sasaba washing station
Tsegay Hagos Tesfaye producer of Sasaba coffee

Sasaba does not grow alone.

Tesfaye’s motto of running his coffee production is to fully support the smallholders delivering cherries to Sasaba. He knows that the success of his mill is closely tied to their success. The Sasaba smallholders are a mix of Gedeo and Guji farmers, many of whom have lived on their farms for generations, growing coffee next to each other. They are deeply connected to the land and so they know best how to make the most out of the fertile soils.

One of the best natural coffees from Ethiopia you'll get to taste

This coffee has been slowly dried on raised beds whilst at high altitudes which brings an impressive shelf life and one of our favourite expressions of Ethiopian coffees.This outstanding natural has a very clean, fruity profile that makes it so popular amongst the filter coffee drinkers.