Waghi Valley Peaberry

Apricot Jam, Strawberry, Butterscotch Pudding, Spiced Dark Chocolate



Behold the rare peaberry! Only 5 -10% of coffee cherries produce a single pea-like shaped seed highly sought after for their incredible sweetness and full body. This complex coffee from Waghi Valley in Papua New Guinea is boasting with fruit character, smooth butterscotch notes and a chocolate finish.  

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Unloading coffee bags in Papua New Guinea

Peaberries are a result of a natural mutation inside a coffee cherry when only one single pea-shaped bean develops inside instead of two oval beans.

The result is a smaller, denser and much more flavoursome bean. Waghi Valley Peaberry is hand sorted from crops harvested around Jiwaka province in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

The high altitudes between 1,200 and 1,500m, cooler climate and rich volcanic soil are ideal for the cultivation of high-quality coffee. A large volume of coffee must pass through the mill located half an hour from the provincial capital Goroka to secure there is enough peaberry.

Every bean undergoes close inspection which means only the highest quality coffee makes it into your bag.

Local farmer in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea map

Before grinding, take a closer look at the beautiful structure and aroma of your peaberry

Another reason we chose to build a relationship with PNG peaberry producers is a wonderful project we can support along the way.

‘Growing Futures’ donates all coffee seedlings grown in a designated nursery to local schools and communities. Each seedling comes with a pamphlet educating the new owner on how to grow and take good care of coffee trees.

Help us reach the goal of 100,000 coffee seedlings donated to locals to provide them with a lasting source of income.

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