Hario Copper Buono Kettle


The perfect companion for pour-over coffee brewers

Hario Copper Buono Kettle is the crème-de-la-crème of the Drip Kettles. Made of solid copper and clear-coated to belay any tarnish or patina, this kettle is as functional as it is a collectible.

An impressive combination of form and function. The kettle's interior is plated with nickel, and the clear coat means your water won't take on a metallic flavour. The spout and handle have been redesigned for even better control over your pours.

Slow and precise pouring ensures even saturation and prolonged extraction of grounds for a flavourful, full-bodied, and complex cup of coffee.

The stunning combination of copper, brass, and walnut makes it the center of attention on the bar or at home.

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