Las Delicias

Strawberry, Blueberry, Passionfruit, Mango, Cascara, Candy Cream



Las Delicias is an incredibly complex coffee that has been fermented in cherry for 60 hours. This year’s harvest produced a bursting fruity body with a long silky finish. Filter drinkers, you’ll love exploring all the different notes in this one.

The man behind this microlot is Yesid Castañeda who is all about trying new things.

Compare notes with our other fermented coffee from Colombia, Buena Vista.

Yesid Castañeda
Natural / Anaerobic fermentation 60h
Las Delicias flavour wheel




Roast Degree





We’ve cupped a lot of coffees, but Las Delicias was by far one of the most complex one.

The producer Yesid Castañeda only started growing coffee 4 years ago, but he’s already getting ahead of other farmers by using anaerobic fermentation. Thanks to a higher level of control over the sugars, temperature, pressure, pH and time in airtight bags, producers can create new flavours profiles. Motivated to keep improving the quality of coffee from his 3 hectare farm, Yesid has just finished building a new drying facility that will ensure even more consistency.

Huila coffee is known for aromatic, slightly floral notes.

Some amazing coffee is grown in Colombia the last few years. We believe that they will soon become a big producer because they invest into educating the producers in the latest technologies. Las Delicias coffee comes from Huila, a mountainous department lying in the central-southwest of Colombia. The average farm size is just 1.5 hectares. With such small crops, farmers focus on quality rather than volume, which aligns with our values to look for the best growers that are invested in your coffee.