Highland Coffee

Highland Coffee



Rich Dark Chocolate, Toasted Walnuts

Bold coffee with a rich palate
 from Papua New Guinea (that you might have tasted as Purosa Estate before) has been on our shelf since 2011. It's the backbone of our house blend Magneto with notes of nuts, milk chocolate and dry fruits. 

You won’t get coffee that is more organic - the lack of infrastructure in PNG means only natural farming methods are used and the coffee is grown 100% free from pesticides and fertilisers. That’s why this single origin is NASSAA Certified Organic.

We've removed the middle man and increased the traceability with this beautiful coffee by forming an even stronger partnership with its producers. To celebrate another step towards direct trade, we're changing the name of your favourite bean to Highland Coffee - honouring the farmers who grow it in their backyards.  

Read more about the positive impact of this coffee.

Bourbon & Typica
Small landowners in the Highlands
Papua New Guinea

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Our Highland Coffee is grown in extremely high altitudes deep in the Papua New Guinea's highlands.

With high altitudes, average rainfall of 8,000 mm per year, rich volcanic soil and cooler climates, it’s a perfect place for the cultivation of high-quality Arabica coffee. PNG coffee is known for a full body with a smooth mouthfeel and soft acidity.

Map of Papua New Guinea

The coffee trees grow in small plots and farmers use traditional and natural farming methods only.

The villages are often connected only by air travel so the coffee grows without using any chemicals or pesticides. That means you won't get a more organic coffee than this!

Almost 70% of the population are still dependent on agriculture that employs village people for harvesting. Coffee is an important source of income for the locals.