Blackcurrant, Mulled Wine, Rhubarb



Ndaroini is an outstanding washed Kenyan coffee with a bold body and sparkling acidity. Characteristic for the Nyeri region, it has a full on blackcurrant flavour with soft delicate notes of mulled wine and a sophisticated rhubarb-like sharpness.

This washed Kenyan is not only delicious, but it also represents a revolutionary, sustainable and direct sourcing model.

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SL28, SL34
Ndaroini Coffee Growers Ltd.
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Kenyan coffee revolution

In 2019, the 1200-strong Ndaroini farmer group cut its ties with the Gikanda Cooperative Society Ltd. and became a collectively-owned company. With the help of agronomist Bernard Gichimu, the farmers focused on quality. They doubled their production in 12 months and have grown with 200 new members. Today, they are the best paid growers in Kenya and are seen as leading the coffee revolution that challenges in country's corrupt system in the industry.

Farmers handpick only the ripest cherries every day during harvest season and hand sort them prior to pulping. The coffee is then dry fermented for 12 hours, washed, soaked in clean fresh river water from the nearby Ruvai-thanga river and dried on 101 African raised beds for 15 days. In the harvest season of 2019/2020, the production grew from 600,000 to 950,000 kg of coffee cherries.

With this coffee, we're starting a new partnership based on direct trade. Ndaroini washing station is one of the most celebrated in Nyeri County and we were lucky to be able to visit the producers back in 2019 before the world shut down. Walking through the small lots with healthy trees and sharing honest conversations, Ndaroini farmers are incredibly proud and dedicated to improve the quality of their coffee year by year.

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