Start me up: We made a short movie

Bold, bright, dark roasted or mind bending single origins - whatever you're into, we have your daily awesome. Just like everyone has their little quirks about how to make that perfect cup of coffee, one thing is undeniable - it starts us up

Watch our new clip capturing that instant hit of the magic thing called caffeine entering your system, and tell us it does not make you crave a good coffee (even if you already had one). If so, we'd encourage you to join our Brew Crew community of coffee nuts. Not just for the sake of increasing our sales numbers, but because we're confident to say you'll love it. Go on!

At this point, we hope you've come across the aviation reference in our origin story, but if not - meet Perry Taylor who took us for a spin over Noosa Spit in his zippy plane. Yes, the same Perry who inspired our name by working as a pilot on clandestine flight missions in Papua New Guinea transporting gold, silver and coffee, inevitably falling in love with PNG coffee that made it into our first house blend Magneto

 Watch all clips from this series here


We’ve teamed up with some incredibly talented creatives living on the Sunny Coast and beyond.

Jake Donlen, Video & Editing

Jake is a videographer, surfer and artist based on the Sunshine Coast who has over 20 years of storytelling through moving pictures under his belt. Jake worked with brands like Metallica, John Butler, Billabong, Quiksilver, Nikon & Red Bull. "Outside of a life spent documenting people and places, brands and businesses, I've recently found more power in the awe of nature, and not always the need to capture it on film. To just sit and observe, and with my kids now becoming more aware as they grow older, I'm looking forward to zooming in and out of moments in real time with them." Jake is no stranger to Clandestino, he also filmed our online brew guide videos. We loved working with him again because of his unique point of view behind the lens and the extra sparkle he always adds when bringing our vision into life.   
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Andrew Ashton, Concept & Brand

Andy is a Melbourne based graphic designer, creative director, brand consultant, educator, maker, sometimes provocateur. He is the visionary behind our most recent rebrand when we took the leap to let the rebel out with no regrets and disrupt the status quo of the oversaturated coffee industry. And we've been having fun creating things together and telling our story ever since. If you've been loving our new colourful packaging, or finally know how to pronounce our name (we admit shamelessly that the new logo was chosen to help you out by breaking it down into syllables; clan-des-tino, now say it out loud!).
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Harvey Owen, Sound Designer

Harvey is a musician, artist, and sound designer from Melbourne currently studying fine art at the Victorian College of the Arts.
Harvey created this work during his final year of high school. His passion for creating and exploring music is a familial trait, having been surrounded by family members who are musicians. “I aimed to give the clips similar mastering effects; both have light distortion layered atop everything – aiming for a punchy and jumpy feel, back and forth, and back again,” Harvey explained.

Harvey layered the works with a cacophony of starting-up elements. Synth bass, bass guitar, percussive elements, guitars, noise, space and distortion blend together to shape a hectic and dynamic soundscape.
Find Harvey on Spotify at "yesendow."

Jess Kerss, Type Animations

Jess is a freelance Melbourne based communication designer with a primary focus within the motion graphics and animation. She regularly teaches at Monash University and has written and taught motion graphics courses for design teams.
Jess made all the type based graphics you'll see in the campaign - and perfectly captured the eye-twitching urgency of making a brew first thing. 
See her work here.

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