Clandestino Roasters

Frequently Asked Questions


Will you be selling coffee in 1kg bags anymore?

No we won’t. We’ve recently invested large amounts of time into our packaging by researching how customers are treating their coffee at home. We discovered most customers purchasing 1 kilo bags of coffee weren’t storing the beans correctly, which resulted in rapid stailing due to oxygen exposure. This led to extraction inconsistencies, wastage and overall dissatisfaction with the product. For this reason, we have decided to cease offering the 1 kilo bags online.

We now focus on a 400g bag that’s been custom designed to best store our coffee. The pricing of the coffee per kilo remains the same and free shipping still applies to purchases over 1 kilo. 


What is your shipping schedule?

Orders are processed daily Monday to Friday at approximately 3-4pm and are shipped out the same day. Estimated timeframes for the arrival of your order are listed below.

Australia Post Standard: Delivery within 3 – 7 days
Australia Post Express: Delivery within 1 – 2 days


Does Clandestino Roasters ship internationally?

We are happy to ship internationally on request. Please place your enquiry through the form on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch.


Do you sell green beans?

Negative, sorry. We only sell roasted coffee beans.


How does your reward system work?

We believe all good relationships should give and take equally, so we want to give back to those who support us the most. For every dollar you spend on our website you will earn 1 point. You can then redeem your points on your future orders, however you wish. 10 points = 1 dollar.


Does Clandestino Roasters offer free public cupping sessions?

We do not currently offer free cupping sessions yet hope to in the near future. At Clandestino Roasters we hunger to learn everything about each coffee from ‘tree to cup’, and we like to take our customers on the ride too. Coffee cupping is the universal way to taste and compare beans, and soon we invite you to join us to learn this process. Stay tuned!


How do I store my coffee?

To ensure your coffee experience at home is always first class, we suggest you use your coffee beans within four weeks of the roast date. Air, moisture and heat are the main elements that cause stale beans. After roasting, coffee begins to emit a number of gasses, including carbon dioxide. Therefore we use foil-lined air-valve bags to keep beans fresh for the shop-to-home trip. We recommend you store a one to two week supply of coffee in an airtight container in a cool dry place and visit Clandestino Roasters often.


Are the coffee beans organic?

It’s our desire to find and share the best coffee that the world has to offer. A third-generation restaurant family, our background lies in sourcing and supplying only the highest-quality products with the finest flavours. We believe nurturing your health is important and that the best ingredients are created by nature. Therefore we have a number of certified organic coffee beans that are labeled accordingly, although all our coffee beans have nothing artificial added and all are organic.


Do you use Robusta Coffee Beans?

No we do not use Robusta coffee beans. We only use Arabica coffee beans.


Where does the Clandestino Organic Tea come from?

We buy our teas direct from the farmers and tea traders. We choose to work with like-minded growers that reflect our values, whilst help to improve the welfare of the workers. We source only organic premium teas from various locations worldwide.


How do I brew my Clandestino Organic Tea?

Each tea has it’s own unique brewing method in order to extract the best flavours. Therefore, please refer to the brew instructions on the top of your Clandestino tea box. If you need any further help just refer to the brew instructions in the shop section of each tea.


Can I use my gift card I bought online in store?



Return Policy?

Due to the perishable nature of coffee we do not accept returns for change of mind purchases. However, we would like you to be satisfied with your purchase and enjoy only first class brews. Therefore if any problems arise please contact us on 1300 656 022 immediately and we will assist accordingly to ensure no-one is left with a bitter aftertaste.


How do I register my interest in wholesale?

Come and join the Clandestino Crew! For any wholesale enquiries please use the form on our Wholesale Page. Our wholesale manager will then contact you directly for further correspondence and information. Here at Clandestino Roasters wholesale accounts receive more than simply freshly roasted coffee. We offer an entire support network for all your café needs.