New website has taken flight!


Hi Friends,
If you haven’t already noticed we have launched a new website!

Featuring a clean and visually appealing layout, along with seamless transitions through pages for a enhanced experience. We have included brew guides to make your coffee experience at home more enjoyable. Discover new coffees, our Organic Tea Range as well as a greater selection of brew equipment.

Pop on in and have a snoop around. To get you started we’d like to offer you a 15% discount on your next coffee purchase. Use discount code: TAKEFLIGHT at checkout. Offer ends this Monday night, 11th August.

Soon our next upgrade will see the implementation of a loyalty program which features Silver, Gold and Platinum pricing discounts which automatically load when customers reach the qualified spend. Stay tuned for this feature!



Enjoy fresh coffee more frequently!
We’ve recently invested large amounts of time into our packaging by researching how customers are treating their coffee at home. We discovered most customers purchasing 1 kilo bags of coffee weren’t storing the beans correctly, which resulted in rapid stailing due to oxygen exposure. This led to extraction inconsistencies, wastage and overall dissatisfaction with the product. For this reason, we have decided to cease offering the 1 kilo bags online.

We now focus on a 400g bag that’s been custom designed to best store our coffee. The pricing of the coffee per kilo remains the same and free shipping still applies to purchases over 1 kilo.

The website also has three new exciting premium single origins on offer. Brazil Fazenda Sertao, Panama Hartmann Estate and Rwanda Nyungwe. 


If you have any queries or need help navigating through our new site, as always we’d love to hear from you.
Please contact us at [email protected] any time!

Finally, we want to know how you rate our coffee so we can source beans that best appeal to your taste buds. Therefore our new site features a review section on each product’s page for you to use at your leisure!

Happy browsing. We hope you have a first class experience!

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