Operation ISO Coffee

Community  +     +  YOU

This is how it works

For every bag of coffee purchased through clandestino.com.au, we will invite customers to nominate their local outlet to show support. When you are nominated, we will allocate 20% of the sale per bag of beans sold as a credit to your wholesale account.

How do we allocate the credit to you?

When selecting beans in the online shopping platform, customers will simply select their ‘local’ from a drop down menu of participating outlets.

You can choose to apply this credit to your weekly orders while operating as a take away. If you have to temporarily close down, your credit will keep on accumulating. When you re-commence trade as usual, you will have a few free pails of coffee from US & OUR COMMUNITY!

Example: An order of 2x Magneto and 3x Purosa will give you $18.00 credit towards your Ordermentum account.

Here’s the plan!

  1. We have created a dropdown menu at the bean selection point on our site where customers have the option to nominate their local – where they would have usually been stopping in for their daily cuppa – That’s you!
  2. We’ll soon send you all marketing materials to share the campaign with your customers on social media, EDM or in person – don’t forget to tag us @clandestino_coffee.
  3. We will introduce you through little features and shares on Insta Stories so that people who are from further away get to know you better.
  4. When the dust settles and our businesses are back to regular trade, this program will stop. You can then cash in your accumulated wholesale credit to use to order beans and get your machine pumping out the brews ASAP!

We have plenty of fun ideas to bring this campaign to life and look forward to involving you in them as much as possible. So watch this space!!

Right now, we need to know – Are you in? If you have any questions, we’re here.


Your customers order through clandestino.com.au

Where they can nominate your outlet when purchasing their favourite beans


Credit accumulates with each bag of coffee purchased

We will coordinate orders and deliveries while 20% of the sale accumulates in your wholesale account for every bag of beans nominated to your outlet


Cash in your credit!

Re-establish full trade and rejoice!! –
Cash in your credits for beans and get brewing – STAT!

What will Clandestino do to help you?

  1. We will direct all of our regular cafe customers to our online ordering platform as we transition to higher consumer demand for home delivery.
  2. For every bag of beans sold through our online ordering platform, we will allocate 20% of the sale as credit to the nominated account as selected by the customer.
  3. We will continue to fulfil online orders and deliveries as we always have.
  4. We will keep roasting so there’s always plenty of coffee around.

We have so many fun ideas to bring this campaign to life and look forward to involving you in them as much as possible. So watch this space!!

Share on your socials:

Share #isocoffee with customers on social media, EDM’s or in person – don’t forget to tag us @clandestino_coffee. To make it easier, we’ve prepared some assets to help you:


Keep your coffee ritual alive while you #StayHome and support your local. Our roaster @clandestino_coffee has launched OPERATION ISO COFFEE where 20% of your online coffee purchase via their website will go back to YOUR NAME if you nominate us.

It’s easy, it’s awesome and it’s going to make a huge impact for your community.

• Order your beans online at clandestino.com.au

• Select your local from the drop down menu

• Your coffee will be delivered to your doorstep

• And your local receives 20% of the sales in wholesale credit

Clandestino Coffee Free Shipping

Why should I send people to your website when I can sell retail in my cafe?

Of course, our first priority is to support you in continuing with your business. We will continue supplying you with beans as you need them. This campaign is designed to keep us nimble and continue supporting our accounts however they need it. We have an established e-commerce platform and relationship with couriers and we are offering this as a way to collaborate and show our long term support to you.

You’ll most likely gain new followers. We’ll introduce you to a wider community. Someone living further out might not be your existing customer but will still want to support the closest Clandestino Coffee to them and gets to know you better.


Let’s do it. We’re in this together.

Come on board and help us spread the word through communities.