Perry’s days in Papua New Guinea

It was back in the 1970’s when Perry Taylor (the old man) was a young Macair pilot sent on clandestine flights in Papua New Guinea. He was carrying precious cargo – gold, silver and arabica coffee beans.

Flying in and out of remote villages and islands, he tried the coffee and loved the taste. Observing locals he started drinking it black with a few drops of freshly squeezed lime juice. With no milk at hand, this simple trick balanced out the mouthfeel in the cup.

Each morning, he would wake up, brew his coffee and set off to fly his plane through thick clouds and over rugged mountains, landing on steep air strips. He always returned from challenging flights safely and coffee became his ritual that kept his senses sharp. Our Magneto Organic Blend was inspired by Perry’s story.

Roasted in the heart of Noosa

After the 1989 airline strike, Perry returned back to Noosa and started Café Le Monde. He got his sons Jaxon, Ryan and Adam involved in the business from an early age.

“When you grow up in cafes drinking espresso since primary school and pulling hundreds of shots, the dive into the world of coffee is a quick one.”
Jaxon Taylor, Owner & Co-founder

Jaxon and Ryan in 2011 with their original roaster, the Giesen. Photo was captured in the back section of the cafe where the roasting first took place.

Left: Perry Taylor 3rd from left. Right: A Macair Beech Baron, VH-MKE, over Lake Wanum, 1972. Fourteen nautical miles from Lae. That’s the Markham River in the background.

Left: Jaxon roasting on the Giesen in 2011. Right: Ryan, Steg and Jaxon in the cafe, 2011.

Adam Taylor with Mauricio Diez De Medina back in 2012, on a visit to Mauricio's farm, Finca Agro Takesi. With Adam living in Bolivia we were able to meet and buy direct from farmers we wanted to work with. Finca Takesi was our first Bolivian bean.

Goroka Aerodrome in 1967 from Perry’s days in PNG. View to the north-west.

We have a prototype of a merline plane hanging from the ceiling in the cafe to pay homage to our flying roots.

Our flagship cafe when it opened in 2011. The brew bar featured syphon, clover and pour over.

Cafe Le Monde, 2013.

A chance coffee experience in Melbourne in the early 2000’s a Panama Geisha –was an ‘aha’ moment that struck a serious cord with the boys.
There were 3 single origins on offer and various different brewing methods were available.
They tried each origin in espresso, with milk and brewed in a syphon and pour over.
It was inspirational!

Sunshine Coast coffee scene

The coffee culture on the Sunshine Coast is no longer just sitting behind coffee meccas like Melbourne, but is now creating their own stage.
In 2011, specialty coffee made it to Noosa when the Taylor boys started roasting their own beans to supply their business. Clandestino Roasters are dedicated to flying in the finest quality coffee from around the world and roast it fresh in the heart of Noosa. Visit the Head Quarters and explore the roastery, learning facility and process to the craft.

Noosa North Shore captured by Andy Staley.

Find new friends over a cup of great coffee.