Coffee for all occasions

We believe life’s too short for mediocre moments, and we live
by this philosophy through every step of our business.

We are a coffee bean supplier and Noosa’s first specialty roaster. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to producing the finest quality coffee and we’re certainly not going to slow down. With every cup of coffee brewed; we want each moment to be a good one.

It starts in our HQ with careful bean selection; roasting methods and searching for flavours; even our packaging is designed to best protect the coffee beans. You choose your favourite moment, we make sure your coffee always tastes great!
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Perry and Jaxon Taylor.
“I started the business with my brother Ryan back in 2011. We were looking into roasting our own beans for ‘Café Le Monde’, our family business since 1987. When deciding on the business model we came to a fork in the road and were faced with two directions, choose a wholesale focused model or bring the unique experience of specialty coffee to our region. We committed to quality and have never looked back.”
Jaxon Taylor, Owner & Co-founder

Consistency is the key

There are so many surprises around us in life that it’s nice to have
a few things you can always rely on, like great coffee.

We work hard to make sure that an espresso at our flagship cafe, long black served by some of the incredible cafe owners we supply, or even your morning cuppa brewed in your kitchen tastes equally delicious. It’s good to know that your cup will always induce the same warm feelings of happiness.

Living by the motto “flavour is paramount”, we are constantly searching and scouting coffee beans from farms all over the world so you can taste the best seasonal offerings. We fly in the finest quality coffee and roast it fresh in the heart of Noosa.

Everyone matters

We all have the same goal; to make great coffee for every occasion.

From Jaxon, the founder, right through to each barista extracting our coffee in businesses we supply; we are a close knit team that shares knowledge, laughs, skills and hunger for learning with everyone who comes on board.

Going the extra mile

Environmental consciousness is at the heart of every
decision in our business. It’s about the “small” things that
add up to a real change.

A fair number of our team have grown up and lived in Noosa all our lives. We spend most of our days near the ocean and out in nature. It’s literally at our doorsteps so we feel deeply connected to our environment.
Since our inception in 2011, ‘Environmental, Ethical and Sustainable’ values have always been at the forefront of all our business decisions, hence why this message is on the bottom of our biodegradable coffee cups.

We use packaging that is biodegradable, sell KeepCups and offer discounts on refills, distribute coffee in reusable pales, promote and sell boxed Carton and Co. Water instead of plastic bottles. We even installed a 100 kW solar panel system on our HQ roof and use 100% of the power generated from it.
Why? Because it’s not just about how you take care of your trash anymore, it’s about thinking forward.


craft your moment

Explore our coffees and find the one that’s right for you.

The first triumphs in your day set the precedence of things to come. Start by brewing an amazing coffee; do it once and do it right; good things will follow.

We love what we do.