Never run out of coffee again.

Why start a subscription?

When you drink a lot of coffee, placing repeating orders can be annoying.
You can forget and find yourself running out of coffee.
No one likes grumpy mornings without coffee!

You’ll never have to think about your next order again.
We’ll automate that process for you and send you a freshly roasted batch according to your preferred schedule. 

Never run out of coffee again. 

Try our automatic subscription orders tailored to your taste, on repeat.

It’s cheaper! We are giving 10% off for all our coffees if you jump on subscription.


Will I be paying more for a subscription?

Quite the opposite. Our subscriptions are 10% cheaper while you still collect your online reward points with each delivery. Regular shipping dates allowed us to look at more valuable shipping options, so you’ll get flat rate shipping for 1 and 2 bags and free shipping for larger orders.

How do I start a coffee subscription?

In your first order, go to the product page of the coffee you want to subscribe for. Select “subscribe” instead of one-time purchase, select your frequency, amount of coffee and grind (if you don’t want whole beans).

When do you send out the subscription orders?

We pack subscription orders every Tuesday which is when we start roasting each week. Except your first subscription order, which will be packed and shipped the next day after you place it. Can’t get them fresher than that.

How can I edit my subscription?

Subscriptions are super flexible. After you create your account, just sign in to be able to:

  • Change the amount of coffee we send you
  • Swap for another coffee if you want to try something else
  • Skip your next delivery date (if you won’t be at home)
  • Update your shipping address if you move house

Do you need a coffee break? It doesn’t happen often but if you do, you can easily:

- Pause your subscription anytime
- Cancel your subscription anytime (although we’ll be sad to see you go!)

Do I still collect points on a subscription?

Yes. You’re still earning reward points with each subscription order. You can apply them to get a discount for shopping on any products on our website or get a discount for your next subscription shipment.

How do I generate and apply a subscription coupon?

First, you will need to generate a “subscription coupon” in our rewards section.

Login to your account > Go to rewards pop up > Ways to Redeem > Select coupon > Redeem > Get email with the code to apply in your “Manage subscriptions” page

Make sure you select one of our predefined “Subscription coupon” (in the value of $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100). Don’t use the ‘Shop Order Discount’ as these can be applied to one-off orders only and won’t work on your subscription.

I don’t have a grinder. Do you only send out whole beans?

We can ground the coffee for your preferred brewing method, no worries.

Simply select the grind you want us to apply to your orders when starting your subscription. We offer the best grinder on the market for a very reasonable price if you wanted to take your brewing to the next level. Coffee always tastes best if ground freshly.

How much is the shipping?

You get free shipping on subscriptions of 3 and more bags. We offer flat rate shipping starting at $10 for 1 bag and $5 for 2 bag subscriptions.

Can I change the frequency of my order?

Yes. We want you to match your delivery frequency with your coffee consumption. You can update the number of weeks you want between deliveries any time. Please allow 24 hours before the next shipment with no changes.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel, downgrade or upgrade your subscription at any time. All you need to do is go into your ‘My Account’ page, click on ‘My Subscription’ and select the option you want to change to.

What if I am going away for holidays?

There is a self managed stop-start option so whenever you are going away, you can simply “pause” your subscription until you’re back from travels. Or divert the delivery to a friend in the meantime by updating your shipping address.

I can’t login to my account. Help?

Try to recover your password and we’ll send you a link to choose a new one. If you’re still having trouble, get in touch with us at and we’ll sort it out.

What happens to my subscription if the coffee goes off the menu?

TWe offer subscriptions on all our coffees, including single origins available in limited amounts that we offer until we run out. When we’re getting close to roasting the last batch, we’ll make sure you as a subscriber get the last bags first. You’ll get an email notification when this happens and can swap for another coffee. There are always plenty more single origins coming!

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