Wait, is this really a decaf?

Introducting Popayan Special Decaf

One Thursday afternoon, the Clando crew and our supplier met for a blind cupping session at our HQ. The supplier lined up a range of different Colombian beans and told us there was one in particular we just had to try.

We all went around the table slurping, tasting and analysing his collection. There was a standout on the table that day. It was a bean that we all got excited about, a new Colombian to add to our collection but little did we know it was actually decaf!

Now we have it in our hot little hands and we’re not letting go.

We wanted a new decaf that we could be proud of. One that we would be excited to drink as often as any other single origin. This premium Colombian decaf has exceeded our expectations a thousand times over.

This bean caught us by surprise, we were on the hunt for a new Colombian to add to our shelf but tasting this decaf, thinking it was a single origin, it was too good to pass up.

Hailing from high in the Colombian region of Massif-Cauca, this Popayan Colombian bean expresses notes of chocolate and tropical fruits, is full of flavour and being decaf it means you can enjoy cup after cup without those coffee jitters.

Decaf can be delicious too!

It’s the first time we’ve seen such a premium Colombian bean offered as a decaf. The natural decaffeination process ensures all the delicious flavours of this premium bean are withheld, so now you can enjoy that perfect cup of coffee any time of the day or night.

A little fun fact – Caffeine isn’t actually a desired flavour. If you have ever tasted pure caffeine it’s not nice, so when our supplier enlightened us to this premium decaf we were blown away. It’s so good it actually scored higher than it’s caffeinated version.