Banko Gotiti


Purple Grape, Blood Orange, Passionfruit, Honey

If you enjoy a juicy and sweet cup, this fruit bomb of a coffee is perfect for you. Bursting with passionfruit and grapes straight up, it then eases into a spicy mixed blossom bush honey and finishes with a citrusy note and tea like aroma of jasmine. This coffee shines with the best flavours that the natural drying process offers.  


Earn up to 23 Points.



Best Brewed As:
Espresso, Plunger, Batch Brew, Pour Over

Ethiopian Heirloom

Small producers from Yirgacheffe



Banko Gotiti flavour wheel




Roast Degree

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Whether you believe the discovery story of the goat-herder Kaldi who noticed his goats acting more spritely after consuming cherries from a certain plant or not, we’re happy that someone thought of trying to chew the red cherries. To this date,  Ethiopia has between six and ten thousand coffee varietals. Because of this stunningly high figure and cross pollination, ‘Ethiopian Heirloom’ is commonly accepted as the main varietal. More than 700,000 coffee smallholders continue the tradition of growing coffee that has been the main export for more than 10 generations.

Yirgacheffe was the location of the very first wet processing mill introduced to Ethiopia back in 1970. The village of Banko Gotiti, which is located in this region, is internationally recognised for their natural sun-dried coffee. And the producers’ve surely earned it! Upon collection, cherries are hand sorted and taken to one of the 89 raised beds constructed to ensure proper air circulation and temperature control for an optimal drying process. When cupping this coffee, we loved its flavour profile that stood out from what you would expect from a natural. If you ask us, coffees from Ethiopia are just getting better and better.