Filter Brewing Barista Course

Learn how to brew everything but espresso

This barista course covers the fundamentals of Pour Over and Steep and Release brew methods. It also unfolds the knowledge and tasting skills required to analyse brewing results and adjust brew parameters for better results.



In this course you will learn to:

  • Establish coffee:water ratios
  • Understand the coffee Refractometer & TDS
  • Achieve perfect extraction
  • Brew a Syphon
  • Brew a Chemex
  • Brew a Cold Drip
  • Brew a Pourover
  • Brew a French Press

Prerequisites: TBC
Duration: TBC
Cost: TBC
Location: Clandestino Roasters, 59 Rene Street Noosaville QLD.

To book a course simply purchase this product. Once payment has been processed we will contact you to organise a time that will suit you best.

*Courses start from mid September