Guji Sakaro


Orange Sherbet, Bergamot, Black Currant, Swiss Chocolate

Guji Sakaro is an incredibly complex washed Ethiopian coffee. First you’ll feel the sparkling orange sherbet tingle your palate, followed by Earl grey tea mouthfeel and blackcurrant sweetness – cooling off with notes of Swiss chocolate. As with many ‘juicy’ coffees from the Guji region, we recommend enjoying it as filter or long black. 

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Ethiopian mixed heirloom

Girma Eshetu






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Finally, Guji coffees have been distinguished from neighbouring Sidamo and Yirgacheffe producing areas. And rightly so – the lush and steep mountain hills with ample rainfall and rich soils create the perfect conditions for producing top quality coffee and unique flavour profiles. Between 6,000 and 10,000 different varietals have been identified in the region. Guji Sakaro will make your tastebuds dance – it’s a fruity cup of goodness.  

Perched above Anfrara, Girma Eshetu washing station produces fine washed and natural coffees. The owner Girma Eshetu is a man of many talents. Besides running the washing station, he manufactures pulping machines produced locally in Ethiopia. Guji Sakaro is sourced from 5 farmer groups representing 98 households and 292 hectares of coffee land from the surrounding hills. Girma is supported by Sucafina’s Lalisaa project through which he receives agronomy training and regular coffee orders. It also guarantees him a fair price for his crop. 

Coffee or buna (bu-na) is entwined into the very fabric of Ethiopian culture. The coffee ceremony is considered to be the most important social occasion in many villages. Ethiopians drink 40% of the coffee they produce (that’s a lot!). It’s the country’s second largest export, feeding around 15 million people working in coffee. Recent changes in regulations have opened more doors for small producers like Girma Eshetu. He can now sell coffee more directly and for a better price. That’s where we and you come in – with every purchase, you make a huge impact on this farmer’s livelihood. 

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