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    Hario Metal Filter Dripper


    Smart and economical solution for clean, drip-filter coffee.

    Pour Over, the simplest methods of brewing coffee yet one of the most appreciated by coffee coinossuers. Pour over is our brew method of choice at home (apart from espresso) as it is quick, clean, easy and multiple cups can be produced in one brew. The Hario stainless steel filter is a great way to make exceptional coffee while saving on paper filter costs. No more paper filters! The unique Hario cone-shaped dripper extracts better coffee every time. The base attachment allows the best pour-over coffee right into your favourite cup. Experience rich coffee with exceptional aroma!


    Helpful Tips

    Use with the Hario Stainless Steel Buono Kettle for simple, flavoursome brewing

    Size 02- makes 1-4 servings

    Hario Metal Filter Dripper Features

    Reusable Fine Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

    Cone-shaped dripper for exceptional coffee extraction

    No paper filter needed

    Includes a base attachment to fit over a pot of cup

    Additional information

    Weight0.2 kg
    Dimensions12.5 x 12 x 11 cm
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      Location: PNG, Central & South America
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