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Mt. Meru Tanzania


Delicate Strawberry, Cherry Cola and Peach

Size: 400g
Location: Ngorongoro, Arusha
Varietal: Kent – Bourbon
Owner: Heights Estate
Altitude: 1600-1700m
Process: Washed and Sun-dried
★★★☆☆ Body
★★★★☆ Acidity
★★★☆ Sweetness
★★☆☆☆ Roast Degree

Recommend for: All Brew Methods

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Big fans of African coffees, we’re very excited to be offering our first ever Tanzanian. Whilst cupping what we thought were outstanding Kenyan coffees, this particular coffee stood out from the crowd. The farm is actually located in Tanzania, just across the border from neighbouring Kenya.

Mt. Meru is a smaller mountain located in Arusha, which is fairly close to the Kenyan boarder. With perfect growing temperatures and heights of 1600-1700masl, this allows the coffee cherries to ripen slowly. 

This single origin is a wet washed coffee, meaning you can expect to enjoy a clean, crisp brew with higher acidity. As Mt. Meru has its own wet processing mill the coffee cherries are very closely monitored and controlled through the processing method, which ensures a quality coffee is shipped to our door step.

You can expect to taste flavours of cherry cola, delicate strawberry and peach. If you enjoy your coffee black or through filter methods, then this bean is for you.  

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Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 10.5 x 6.5 x 15 cm

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