‘Stealth’ Mug

$15.00 Inc GST

Designed by our in-house graphic designer, this series of four illustrated mugs each pays tribute to a concept that links to our brands heritage.

Ahh you can’t have a series of mugs about Clandestino without the skull pilot. Paying tribute to our much loved Stealth Blend, the Stealth mug reflects our much-loved Stealth Blend coffee. The ‘drink at your own risk’ skull pilot ties into its more developed roast nature which packs a stronger payload.

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– Collectable

– Limited Edition Design

– Holds 300mL

– Ceramic

– Durable

– This is the same style mug we serve Batch Brew coffee in our cafe.

– Its sturdy shape is designed for enjoyment after enjoyment.

Additional information

Dimensions 8.5 x 8.5 x 10 cm