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Hario V60 Double Wall Glass 15oz


Designed to preserve heat and protect your hand

After all of the careful preparation that goes into pour-over brewing, it’s a shame to drink from an undeserving vessel. Two layers of thick glass offer impressive insulation so that coffee stays hot or cold longer. Various sizes are available, so that they’re suitable for many applications.

The unique beehive shape makes for a beautiful set when paired with a Hario V60 Porcelain Dripper.


This handmade stylish coffee glass is the perfect partner for your V60 dripper. The double wall glass structure prevents the conduction of heat from the beverage to your hand, and if used for cold drinks, prevents condensation forming on the outside of the glass. As an inert material, glass won’t absorb any foreign flavours or odours. The iconic V60 wave design fits perfectly into your hand, ensuring a comfortable and safe grip on the glass.  Also pairs back beautifully with Hario’s V60 Porcelain Dripper.

Hario V60  Double Wall Glass Features

Heatproof glass
Double-walled construction protects hands from heat and surfaces from condensation

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 14 x 10.5 x 10 cm
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