Buena Vista

Peach, Tropical Fruit, Panela, Caramel & Banana Split



Buena Vista is a naturally processed coffee from Colombia that has undergone anaerobic fermentation for 30 hours. Edwin Zambrano’s curiosity and tinkering with this innovative method have produced a delicious end result. This is a coffee with bright acidity, sweet notes, and a fruity, caramel aroma.

Compare tasting notes with our other anaerobic fermented Colombian coffee, Las Delicias.

Caturra, Castillo
Edwin Zambrano
Natural / Anaerobic fermentation




Roast Degree





Buena Vista is a natural coffee that was fermented in air-tight GrainPro bags.

The quality of coffee coming from Colombia has gone up significantly in last couple of years as producers are learning how to use new processing methods. The producer Edwin Zambrano lived on a coffee farm his whole life. He switched to specialty coffee and is focused on producing naturals, using anaerobic fermentation. Most recently, he started experimenting with lactic fermentation and extending fermentation up to 200 hours.

Try both Colombian coffees on our menu and compare the flavours.

The magic of coffee is that same growing region (for this particular drop, Huila) and same processing method (anaerobic fermentation) will still produce very different tasting notes! That’s where the producer comes in. This coffee was grown in Huila, a mountainous department dominated by small producers. Small holder farming is one of the best legal sources of income for the rural areas. Growing coffee instead of going down the wrong path of growing coca rewards the producers with a financial stability and a better livelihood.

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