Cumbres del Poas

Red Grape, Blackcurrant, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate, Caramel



Get ready to taste this amazing red honey coffee from a micro mill Las Lajas Cumbres del Poas. The producer duo, husband and wife Oscar and Francisca Chacón, are the original pioneers for honey process in Costa Rica. The cherries are dried in shade with most of the mucilage intact and raked twice a day - the result is a complex and fruity coffee. That’s exactly what you’ll get – think grapes and blackcurrant notes with a great body and beautiful balance!

Bourbon & SL28
Oscar and Francisca Chacón
Costa Rica
Sabanillia de Alajuela, Central Valley
Red honey




Roast Degree





Costa Rica coffee farm Central Valley

Oscar and Francisca were the first farmers in Costa Rica to use and popularize honey processing.

Chacón Solano Family have been growing coffee at Las Lajas for over 80 years. On their 8 farms, the trees make the most of the lush and fertile area of the foothills of the Poás volcano. Oscar and Francisca are 3rd generation growers who are dedicated to farming in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. They began farming organically 30 years ago (using worm composting and farming entirely free of chemicals and agro-toxins) and became certified organic in 2000.

Oscar and Francisca Chacón Las Lajas Costa Rica
Costa Rica coffee

Las Lajas produces some of world’s best honey processed coffees.

When a massive earthquake caused landslides that cut off the water supply to the mill in 2008, the Chacóns faced losing the whole harvest (most coffee in Costa Rica used washed process back then). One brilliant idea later, they took the risk and did something no-one in Costa Rica had done before - process the coffee naturally.

Improving the processing and quality year by year since then, this harvest of Cumbres del Poas came out as a complex and fruity treat of a coffee!