Empty Tea Bags


Disposable filter packs for loose-leaf tea

Making your own teabags has never been easier! These hassle free empty tea bags combine all the benefits of drinking quality loose-leaf tea and tisanes with the convenience of a teabag. Personalise your own tea blends and how strong or weak you like your cuppa. Great to use at home, at work or to take with you on holidays!

Fill the bag with exactly how much tea you want, fold down the top and place it in your cup.
Fill with water and let it brew, and then remove the bag and dispose of it like you would any other tea bag.
You then have a perfectly customised cup of tea to take with you as you run out the door to work or school, or simply enjoy by the fire in the comfort of your own home!


Dimensions 10mm x 70mm
60 bag sachets per packet

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