Black Plum, Swiss Chocolate, Bush Honey, Blood Orange 



Our favourite Goulala is back! Tasting better than ever, we love its refined flavour profile, sweeter cup and a surprisingly  sparkling acidity. Produced in East Timor by Manuel da Costa Silva, this coffee tastes like a chocolate hug with sweet notes of black plum, Swiss chocolate, bush honey and blood orange. With every bag you purchase, you're helping us empower the 30 family farms to produce a better crop and reach economic sustainability. 

Typica, Timor Hybrid
Manuel da Costa Silva
East Timor





Roast Degree





Goulala is a coffee that is grown collectively by 30 family farms in the township of Goulala. The coffee is hand-picked and pulped, fermented for 24-48 hours and hand-washed in the local wet mill.

Clean parchment is then dried on tarps of 160+ raised beds. Only the best crops are carefully sourced by grower Manuel da Costa Silva and quality controller Señor Domingos Sarmento, who both fought bravely in the East Timor Resistance Army. Manuel might be the silent type, but he’s a true model farmer setting an example of how to cultivate, process and dry coffee to the highest standards.

Last year, in conjunction with MTC we launched this Australian – Timor collaboration. We have a wish to work together towards a common goal: a fantastic cup, improved livelihoods and economic sustainability for the farmers. We’re overjoyed to share with you the impact you helped us make. Sucafina’s donated equipment improved the quality of this year’s lot immensely (you’ll taste it). Now it’s all about improving yields through agronomy training that will teach growers how to reach full potential of the trees (currently it’s 10% of what it could be). You too can support this initiative, one coffee bag at a time.

East Timor has a long and fascinating coffee history. In the 1920’s, a spontaneous cross between robusta and arabica was discovered – the Timor Hybrid. It became the genetic foundation for almost all leaf mould resistant varieties around the world. The country’s economic development has suffered greatly from political turmoil and 24 long year long Indonesian occupation that cost the lives of more than 250,000 people.

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