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Roasters Pick

Tips for brewing and selecting coffee


Coffee: Jamie Molina
From where: La Sabana, Nicaragua
Served as: AeroPress (filter brew)
Why so: Hailing from a farm where everything they do is in conjunction with the natural environment, Jamie Molina is flavourful like no other. It offers delicious notes of orange blossom, milk chocolate and a sweet honey-like finish that holds well with milk.

Roaster’s Tips

Tip #1 How you grind your coffee greatly impacts the end result in your cup.

All brew methods require a slightly different grind texture for the ideal extraction from the coffee beans. For AeroPress the rule of thumb is usually medium grind setting.For those wanting to take it to the next level have a look at what grinder you’re using and choose a Burr grinder over a Blade Grinder. Blade Grinders chop the beans up unevenly so that some of the coffee ends up as large particles and some turn into powdery dust. This effects the flavour of your brew. Burr Grinders slowly crush the coffee rather than chopping it, which results in even grinding.

Our Roaster rates both the Bezzera BB05 and Porlex Grinder.


Tip #2 Try the inverted AeroPress brew method for a cleaner coffee.

A step-by-step guide is available on our website. Click here to view it.


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