Salty Crew Kiosk – Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie, Salty Crew Kiosk
NSW gets a taste of First Class Coffee

Port Macquarie , Salty Crew Kiosk, probably not a café you’ve heard of but that’s about to change. Last week one of our wholesale reps packed up the van and headed down the coast capturing these beautiful snaps along the way.


Salty Crew Kiosk

With his trusty Aeropress in hand and a bag of our Wonberta beans he had an epic trip filled with pumping waves, smooth brews and the pleasure of gifting another NSW cafe with our beans and equipment for a cool new café, Salty Crew Kiosk.

With all the essentials to serving our first class coffee to perfection, Salty Crew Kiosk is sure to impress. We are so excited to welcome owners Chris and Leasa Harris back to the Clandestino family after their stint at Richard Branson’s Make Peace Island, and can’t wait for Port Macquarie residents and visitors to check them out!

Selling everything from coffee to healthy food to beach essentials, Salty Crew Kiosk will be the place to be. These guys aren’t rookies when it comes to this kind of stuff, and what they are offering is something to get excited about. If you’re around the Port Macquarie area be sure to check them out!






Salty Crew Kiosk

Town Beach Reserve, Lot 7065, William Street Port Macquarie NSW, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

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Photos by: Al Claridge

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