Tucked away in Noosaville’s industrial neighbourhood, we created a space with great coffee, good vibes and baristas keen to answer all your questions.

Ever since its opening in 2011, the cafe has become a hotspot for locals and out-of-towners searching for intriguing coffee flavours and quality new experiences. It is here where we showcase all the things we’ve been working on and connect them with our community.
Oh, have we mentioned there is a plane hanging from the ceiling? Read Our History to learn why.

What’s here?

Innovation Central

We developed the first brew bar on the Sunshine Coast and introduced filter coffee to our region. Over the years our brew bar has offered syphons, clovers, pour overs, batch brew, cold drip, cold brew, chemex and most recently our newest beverage- nitro brew coffee on tap.

Innovations don’t stop at the brew bar. We have a selection of elixirs that we developed in-house, working with Ayurveda practitioners from within Belmondos Organic Market. We also offer a wide variety of crowd pleasers but with our own personal twist, as well as various milk options to compliment your drink of choice.

“We like to keep surprising our community with unique new offerings. We update the filter methods we’re providing on our brew bar based on innovations within the industry that we want to showcase.”
Erika, Cafe Manager
Spoilt for Choice

The cafe is home to a full espresso bar with four coffee grinders. We always provide our Magneto Organic Blend and Colombian Decaf options, as well as feature two single origins from our ever-rotating bean range.
Good news, the entire coffee bean range is always available for retail purchase and the friendly team behind the counter are ready to help you make the right choice for your preferred brew method and the flavours you desire.

Our retail shelves also stock brewing equipment to suit any coffee lover’s needs. Our Coffee Director and Café Manager are regularly scouting and buying up-to-date gear. If you’d like to see our current range of coffees available please see the link below.

Time for Tea?

Tea is something we have always had a great appreciation for. So much so, that we launched Clandestino Organic Tea back in 2014. We take a similar approach to our tea offering as we do our coffee, and provide a selection of single origins as well as crowd-pleaser blends.

All our teas are available to enjoy in the café where brew methods are tightly controlled to ensure best results. The loose leaf range includes various white, green, oolong and black teas as well as herbal tisanes, which are all available on our retail shelves to take home.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 7am – 4pm
Saturday 7am -3pm
Sunday and Public Holidays – closed.


59 Rene Street
Queensland, Australia, 4566.
(Inside Belmondos Organic Market)

Need help? Give us a call.
1300 656 022

We grow together.