What is The Cube?

The Cube is one of Noosa’s best equipped barista training facilities. It’s also an experiment – we created an inclusive space for all who want to share their passion for coffee.

After the roastery, it’s our second favourite place to be. It’s a space where everything is designed and built for purpose. Come develop your taste buds so that you enjoy each cup of coffee a bit more. We guarantee that you will leave The Cube feeling like an expert.

That’s where our team spends hours educating ourselves, cupping over and over again to improve our palate and search for new flavours. This wooden box is also home to our workshop where we service all coffee equipment and prepare new top gear for our friends at businesses we supply.

Everyone is welcome in the Cube.

A cupping session.

Testing water samples for wholesale accounts.

Head Roaster Steg sample roasting.

The Cube was built using recycled and repurposed materials and cut offs.

Staff training on the refracting process.

Downstairs is home to our workshop and tool shed.

“Knowledge is empowering. We are constantly educating ourselves about new innovative products and ways of brewing. ”
Josh, Coffee Director


There’s no way around it, with coffee, it takes practise and time. Working hard to memorise facts is great but being able to translate why some steps are important and what makes flavour unique or special – that’s what matters.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of coffee facts or not mastering the latte art yet, we provide you with all the knowledge and tools to make tasty coffee. You’ll learn how to brew your best.

Aubrey during barista training
Female barista cupping


The Cube is a place for innovation – a place to test new blends, coffee brewing techniques and develop new drink ideas. We do sample and quality control cupping & search for new seasonal beans. Every coffee roaster’s and grower’s favourite ritual, we’ll be adding cupping sessions for public soon.


From floor to ceiling, our workshop is filled with tools, cables, spare parts and other bits and bobs. We’re happy to assist you when your coffee machine needs a fix or just a regular clean. Did you know that we carry spare parts and can assist you with ordering too? Our skilled staff knows the machines inside and out.

Wholesale Training

Get free staff training when you choose to use our coffee. We want to make sure that your baristas know our beans and sling brews with confidence to keep your customers happy and caffeinated.

The Cube is our multi-purpose learning facility.