What is the Cube?

Come join us on a flavour journey and further develop your taste buds so that you enjoy each cup of coffee a bit more. Beginners, enthusiasts, cafe owners, advanced baristas; feel right at home and drop in for a chat.

In the spring of 2017, we opened the doors of “The Cube”, our new playground and learning room we designed to share our passion about coffee.
It is here where we spend hours educating ourselves, cupping over and over again to improve our palate and search for new flavours.

It’s also the toolshed where we service the coffee equipment and prepare new top gear for our friends at businesses we supply.
Our biggest wish is to connect here with our customers, future barista stars and all coffee lovers.

A cupping session.

Testing water samples for wholesale accounts.

Steg sample roasting.

Staff training on the refracting process.

Josh servicing a grinder.

“Knowledge is empowering. We love asking ‘Why’ and constantly educating ourselves about new innovative products and ways of brewing. We’re all about sharing what we learn with others. ”
Josh, Coffee Director

What happens inside?

You’ll be getting hands on and learn more about coffee in our barista courses.

It’s a common thing to have to accept that with coffee it takes practise and time. Working hard to memorise facts is great but being able to translate why that matters, why that’s good, why that makes this taste unique or special – that’s what matters.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of coffee facts or not mastering the latte art yet, we provide you with the knowledge and tools to make tasty coffee.
Perfect your skills with our coffee courses.

Free Cupping

We invite you to come relish in the tastes and smells during one of our free cupping sessions. Every coffee roaster’s and grower’s favourite ritual, let yourself be guided by coffee experts who will explain the craft, show you tricks and talk coffee. Don’t be afraid to ask any question about your favourite bean and come say hi.

What happens in The Cube?

This is where our R&D team is nerding out on all things coffee pretty much. You’ll find us sample cupping & searching for new seasonal beans or cupping for quality control. It’s a place for innovation – a place to test new blends, coffee brewing techniques and develop new drink ideas. And should you book a coffee course or are a future barista star working for one of our accounts, we’ll take you inside of the Cube for training. Occasionally, we do private tours of our roastery for smaller groups and schools.

Ready to put it to the test?

Experience great tasting coffee first hand.

Many coffees appear on our cupping table and we are incredibly proud of the ones we choose to develop and offer.

Always on the lookout for great coffee.