Clandestino Roasters

The Roastery


Our Roastery is the core of our operation and where all of the action happens. We roast on the latest German engineered Probats which suit our method of roasting.

We believe consistency is the highest priority for any coffee business. The many variables our cafes and clients are exposed to during day to day trading can be eliminated through consistent practices which start at origin during harvest. We ensure our green coffee is processed, packed, shipped and received in a timely and quality controlled manner.

Once green coffee is received to Clandestino it is stored in a climate controlled area to preserve the attributes we highly desire.

Our roasters are fitted with various monitoring measures and profiling software to help us replicate and further develop our roasts batch by batch.

Our coffee is de-stoned and filtered multiple times after roast. No matter how clean a roaster says their coffee is, without a de-stoner foreign objects (mainly stones) will run through the grinders at some point, rapidly dulling the burrs and decreasing extraction yields in an instant.

The Roastery features a cupping facility for roast analysis and development. We cup our roasts regularly to ensure we are roasting to expose our coffees full potential.

Our Roastery also features a training facility where our clients or members of the public can attend one of our many barista courses from beginner through to advanced.

For more information on Barista Courses, click here.