Tree to Cup


We are constantly sampling and cupping different lots in our endeavour to source great origins to share with our customers. Whilst our selection processes and roasting methods have evolved from the days when our old man was sourcing coffee in the New Guinea highlands back in the 1970’s, our passion has continued to grow.

Our pursuit of the world’s finest coffee starts at the source. Where we can, we choose to buy coffee direct from the farmer who grows our coffee, this is commonly known as Direct Trade Coffee.

Direct Trade builds relationships between the farmer and roaster which in turn ensures we are purchasing from primary producing coffee farmers who seek excellence through development of their crops and resources year on year.

Some countries have export restrictions in place which make purchasing coffee via Direct Trade disadvantageous. For this we contract coffee brokers and traders who specialise in specific regions.

We believe a good cup of coffee is so much more than how it is brewed. We want to know as much about the coffee as possible, from where it was grown, how it was grown, the conditions it was grown in, how it was harvested, what type of processing methods were used and even about the person who nurtured the coffee trees through this process. It’s all part of what makes a great coffee origin and we want to share this information with our customers.

For us, it’s an education and we want to take our customers on this journey. We welcome you to come and try our coffee, try our different brew methods and enjoy the Clandestino ‘tree to cup’ journey.

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