We’re Launching 330ml Cold Drip Bottles

Enjoy our cold drip this summer!

It’s a coffee brewed with a special method where a specialized 3-tiered tower is used to drip water onto ground coffee, extracting over a 20-hour period. The result is a coffee with a clean finish and amplified sweetness. Our cold drip is intended to drink neat over ice.

Caffeine without the crash?

Cold drip coffee provides a long, clean and sustained caffeine hit. This makes it ideal for consumption prior to exertion or any lengthy, tedious task. Go forth & enjoy!

What’s it made of?

We use single origins coffee beans that we’ve purposely selected for this style of coffee. We roast the beans in-house which allows us to monitor the quality and maintain consistency. Each single origin has a unique flavour profile that comes to life with every sip.

Our cold drip has no sugar or preservatives – that means it has a clean, pure and natural buzz with less harmful acids than regular coffee. It has a shelf life of 6 weeks and each bottle is dated with a best-before stamp.

Enjoy our cold drip here…

We stock our 330ml cold drip bottles in following cafes: Clandestino Roasters, Humdrum, Cafe Le Monde, Zabe.