How we built the Cube

The Cube is our multipurpose training facility. Everything on the two floors of the wooden (yes, you’ve guessed it) cubicle sitting next to our Noosaville roastery was built to fit its purpose. We created an inclusive space equipped for everyone’s favourite coffee related things – barista trainings, cupping, testing and tasting. Come have a look inside with us.

Back when we first started, we used to do everything from machine fixing, barista courses to bagging beans in the warehouse. As we grew, it just got too crowded. It was time to give each activity the space it deserved.
Clandestino Coffee The Cube first designsThe lower level is dedicated to the toolshed with floating work tables where we service and fix our coffee machines. The workshop is all white and well lit so that Josh can happily fix all the gear. We’re actually quite impressed how neatly stacked he keeps all his tools! As a matter of fact, we also carry spare parts and offer servicing for the public, so don’t be afraid to peek in if your home kit needs some attention. The front room is a multi-purpose space with a big service window.
Josh workshop in the CubeUpstairs serves as our research and development lab, cupping room and barista training facility. We painted the whole room black (even the A-C) to create a space with zero distractions. So when you’re cupping, it’s just you and the coffee. Absolute concentration. One of our favourite things inside is the long feature cupping table that used to belong to a woodworker. It reminds us of tables we’ve seen on coffee farms.

There are two learning stations with an espresso machine each and two grinders that can accommodate up to 8 people. One window overlooks the garden and the other allows you to peek into the roastery downstairs and watch our roaster busy at work.

Another feature of the black room is a large, hand-painted flavour wheel on the wall. It’s the Clandestino’s very own flavour wheel inspired by the one published by Specialty Coffee Association of America. We felt the need to create a flavour wheel that used our own coffee language so we’re all on the same page within the company. It took months and months of writing down all our tasting notes, discussing them and creating the whole system.
The Cube clanestino coffee NoosaBarista Courses Clandestino CoffeeWe’re quite proud of the amount of effort that went into sourcing materials and finishing too.

The creative mind behind the Cube, Megs Penfold, made sure that every design decision followed Clandestino’s company values of sustainability, craftsmanship and sourcing locally.

Megs picked handcrafted tiles designed by an Australian artist for the counter splash-back downstairs. The front external bar bench was created from an old wooden off-cut discovered in our warehouse. The large roller door was custom-made, using old rusty steel sheeting purchased from a tip shop that was originally side panelling of a truck. The remaining steel offcuts were used to create signage.
The Cube Clandestino Coffee signage
On the outside wall, we are growing a vertical garden – because there is never enough greenery! 

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Image credits: Nathan Tribble, Archive of Pen & Fold 

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