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We are big believers in the power of education, especially when it comes to crafting a perfect cup of coffee.

We offer training tailored for working baristas, hospitality job seekers and home brewers. Find a course that matches your skill level and future aspirations. You’ll be working with professional tools in our multipurpose educational facility called ‘The Cube’.

intro to espresso barista course

Introduction to Espresso

A great place to start for anyone from a coffee enthusiast to young aspiring barista. Gain the core skills or refresh your knowledge necessary to start making industry level coffee.

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latte art barista course

Latte Art

Turn milk into silk and learn how to pour the perfect pattern. Perfect for those who have already mastered the basics.

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Home Barista

Delve into the nitty gritty of producing great coffee at home. Learn how to get the best results out of your home set up.

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Advanced Barista

Reach for the next level! Master your practical skills & dive deeper into science that allows you achieve high quality and consistency with espresso coffee.

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Filter Brewing

Designed for all of you who like more control over your brew. Discover the fundamentals of a filter method of your choice (Cold Drip, Pourover, Plunger, Aeropress, Moccamaster, Stovetop) in this fully customised course.

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Gift Introduction to Espresso Barista Course

The perfect gift for all future baristas and coffee lovers. Simply Select the “Buy a Gift Card” option in the course description and your loved ones will receive an email. We’ll take over from there and organise the date and time.

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Detailed information about each course is available on the individual ‘Course Detail’ pages. If that doesn’t help, we’re happy to chat to you! Flick us an email to get the ball rolling via


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