Get the best flavours in your cup.

Choose a brewing method that suits you best. Using a good grinder, scales and a timer will help you get consistently good results.


AeroPress delivers a full-bodied cup when you’re brewing at home or on the go.

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Pour Over

Great filter method if you want to explore all the delicate flavours in your brew.

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Italian-style brewer that will deliver rich and full-flavoured coffee.

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Classic filter brewer for a full litre of delicious black coffee to supply everyone at home.

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Simple and reliable brewer for heavy-bodied coffee in minutes.

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Coffee roasted for all brewing methods

Magneto Organic BlendMagneto Organic Blend

Magneto Organic Blend

Rich Cocoa, Dried Berries, Nuts

Highland Coffee

Highland Coffee

Purosa Estate



Black Plum, Swiss Chocolate, Bush Honey, Blood Orange 


Happy brewing