Magneto Organic Blend

Rich Cocoa, Dried Berries, Nuts



Magneto was the first house blend we have developed and is a beautiful coffee for all occasions. It’s suited for everyday drinking that brings people together. Magneto will be enjoyed by both milk-based and black coffee drinkers, it has a full body with smooth mouth feel and soft acidity. This organic blend is made of best Papua New Guinea and South American and African single origins we could put our hands on.

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Bourbon, Typica, Cattura, Catuai
Regional organic farmers




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Mountain range in mist Papua New Guinea

Magneto Organic Blend was inspired by Perry Taylor's stories from when he was a Macair pilot back in the 1970’s.

He was sent on 'clandestine' flights in and out of remote areas of Papua New Guinea transporting gold, silver and precious coffee beans.

All pilots had to remain alert to navigate the difficult terrain and coffee was essential as lack of judgement in clouds surrounded by mountains was a recipe for disaster.

Papua New Guinea coffee is typically very bold and body driven with minimal acidity. Locals drink it black (as milk isn’t always available) and squeeze a few drops of fresh lime juice to balance out the mouthfeel.

Macair plane Papua New Guinea
Squeezing lime into PNG coffee

Magneto was our first house blend and to this day, we love it as a delicious coffee for all occasions.

We use coffee from Purosa Estate, a high quality organic Papua New Guinea bean and balance out the mouthfeel with acidity driven Central American and African origins.

In aviation, magnetos supply power to the spark plugs in the cylinders. “Mags on!” we say before firing up the engine. And that’s exactly what this coffee does – it ignites our engine.