How to use our new website

Having trouble accessing your account?

We have just launched our new website using a different platform. Due to privacy laws, we were unable to migrate your account passwords. All of your account details and existing points are still in our system.

You will need to click on an account activation link which we emailed to all users on 4th September 2020 at 10:35 am. Activate your account and set your password in less than 30 seconds. If you cannot find this email, please send us a message to and we will send another activation link.

Where are my previous orders?

Unfortunately, we were unable to bring existing order history over from our previous database. We were able to migrate point scores from accounts which will be accessed once your account is activated. We are rolling out a loyalty system soon which will acknowledge how long you’ve been our customer in the past.

What happens to my reward points?

We are now using loyalty system by Smile. Your points information will now appear at the bottom right of your screen, look for a little brown gift icon.

You can look forward to some bonus ways to accumulate more points!

Why is my points value incorrect?

If you changed your email address during your time accruing points, there is a possibility your points were associated with your original email address with us.

Please send us a message with your original email address and we will manually add your missing points into your account.

How do I apply points to my order?

On the bottom right-hand corner of your screen is a gift box. This is where the customer points information is now stored. Your points total will be displayed at the top.

1. Click on 'Ways to redeem'

2. Redeem

3. Select the amount of points to redeem with the slider, click on 'Redeem'

4. Click on 'Apply Code' to apply to your order. You will then see the discount in the cart.

Keep a lookout for some bonus rewards offers and other ways to earn points in this section.

I’ve forgotten my password. Can I reactivate my account with a new one?

Sure. Click on the reactivation link we sent you and set up your password. Your user login stays the same. If you’re experiencing any issues, send us a message to

What happens to my subscription?

Our new subscription system is easier and more flexible. You can mix it up and select different beans. You will also enjoy more options for your shipment frequency. On top of that, you’ll get 10% discount!

You’ll need to activate your account on our new website and set up your usual subscription. Or try something different - your choice!

Let’s keep brewing!

Transitions can be overwhelming but we’re here to help. If you have any issues or questions, email us at or chat to us via our Facebook live chat. 

General Questions

What is your shipping schedule?

Orders are processed daily Monday to Friday at approximately 3-4pm and are shipped out the same day.

Delivery addresses in Queensland, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory are shipped with Fastway Couriers*, expected delivery times 1 to 2 days. Delivery addresses in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory are shipped with Auspost*, expected delivery times 5 to 7 days.

*Delivery Addresses containing a PO Box, Locked Bag or Parcel Locker must be sent with Auspost.

Would you like to request delivery with your preferred provider? No problem, just let us know in your order’s comments and we’ll apply this to all your ongoing orders. Also, for those who enjoy a specific coffee and appreciate automation, take a look at our coffee subscriptions. You will never run out of coffee again.

Does Clandestino ship internationally?

We are happy to ship internationally on request. Please place your enquiry through the form on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch.

Do you sell green beans?

We do not sell green coffee beans, only roasted coffee beans.

Does Clandestino offer free, public cupping sessions?

We do not currently offer free cupping sessions but we’re in the process of bringing them back together with launching something new and exciting. Coffee cupping is the universal way to taste and compare beans and develop your tasting buds. Soon we’ll invite you to join us to learn this process again. Stay tuned!

Do you sell coffee samples?

At the moment, we do not ship out coffee samples. But we’re looking into creating a ‘sample pack’ so keep your eyes peeled.

How should I store my coffee?

Air, moisture and heat are the main elements that cause stale beans. After roasting, coffee begins to emit a number of gasses, including carbon dioxide. Therefore we use foil-lined air-valve bags to keep beans fresh for the shop-to-home trip. We recommend you store a one to two week supply of coffee in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Are the coffee beans organic?

It’s our desire to find and share the best coffee that the world has to offer. A third-generation restaurant family, our background lies in sourcing and supplying only the highest-quality products with the finest flavours. We believe nurturing your health is important and that the best ingredients are created by nature. Therefore we have a number of certified organic coffee beans that are labeled accordingly. All our coffee beans have nothing artificial added and all are organic.

Do you use robusta coffee beans?

We only use Arabica coffee beans.

Where does the Clandestino Organic Tea come from?

We buy our teas direct from the farmers and tea traders. We choose to work with like-minded growers that reflect our values, whilst help to improve the welfare of the workers. We source only organic premium teas from various locations worldwide.

How do I brew my Clandestino Organic Tea?

Each tea has it’s own unique brewing method in order to extract the best flavours. Therefore, please refer to the brew instructions on the top of your Clandestino tea box. If you need any further help just refer to the brew instructions in the shop section of each tea.

Can I use the gift card I bought online in store?


What is your return policy?

Due to the perishable nature of coffee we do not accept returns for change of mind purchases. If any problems with your order should arise please contact us on 1300 656 022 or at and we will get in touch.

How do I register my interest in wholesale?

Come and join the Clandestino Crew! For wholesale enquiries please use the form on our Wholesale Page. Our wholesale manager will contact you directly for further information.

How does the online point system work?

You’re earning and collecting points while shopping online. The points system works like this: For each $1 spent online, you’ll get 1 point. Then when you want to use your accumulated points, you’ll get a discount of $1 for 10 points that you can claim during the next checkout. You still collect your points with each round of our coffee subscription, however these can be applied on other products only (not on your automated shipments). Please note that the online points system is different to the one we use in our Noosa coffee shop.

Coffee Courses

Which coffee course is right for me?

Just about everyone should start with the Intro to Espresso Course, even baristas already in the industry as our approach to making coffee is more consistent and controlled than most other places. For instance, we use scales, parameters and specific measurements to achieve repeatable results. Therefore, it’s usually a very new and different way to make coffee for people. 90% of the time we say do the Intro to Espresso Course.

Are there course prerequisites?

The only course that has prerequisites is the Advanced Barista Course. All other courses have no prerequisites. The Advanced Barista Course requires at least 2 years’ experience making coffee professionally.

Should I do the Intro To Espresso or Advanced Barista?

If you’ve done the Intro to Espresso course then yes, you can do the Advanced Barista Course. We don’t recommend doing Intro to Espresso and Advanced Barista courses back-to-back. It’s an overload of information and therefore money wasted. The knowledge covered in the Intro to Espresso course needs time to be absorbed and applied in practical skills first. We recommend doing the Advanced Barista course no earlier than 2 weeks after the Intro to Espresso, so the info can settle and form a better groundwork for the Advanced Barista course.

Should I do Intro To Espresso or Home Barista?

The main difference between the Intro to Espresso course and the Home Barista course is the equipment you learn on. We recommend thinking about where you plan to make the coffee (home or in a cafe) and what equipment you’ll be using, then decide which one to pick. Otherwise the core skills and knowledge is very similar. It’s just better to learn on equipment you’ll be using.

When are the courses on?

Course session times are shown on the individual course details page, however bookings shut off 24 hours prior to the course time. There is a Calendar that lists all the available time allocations for each course to pick. If for some reason you cannot make the time allocations listed, you can email to possibly organise a different time.

Where do the courses take place?

All courses take place from our training facility, The Cube. The Cube is located inside our warehouse next to our roastery and HQ. Our address is 59 Rene Street, Noosaville QLD, 4566.

What’s your cancellation and refund policy?

All changes to bookings need to be made no later than 48hrs before the course commencement time by phoning 1300 656 022 or emailing Cancellations will be refunded and changes will be considered if requested more than 48hrs in advance of the enrolled course. If a cancellation is made with in 48hrs of the course commencement time, 50% of the course fee will be refunded. In the event of a “no show”, no refund will be given unless sufficient evidence as to why is provided.

Pouring & Exploring