Simple and reliable brewer for full-bodied coffee in minutes.

What you will need:

  • — Plunger
  • — Freshly ground coffee
  • — Filtered water


  • — Scales

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How to brew with Plunger

Plunger or French Press has been around since 1929 when it was first introduced in Italy. It is still popular today thanks to its convenience and ease of brewing while making a great cup of coffee. Perfect choice for when all your friends come over!

1. Remove the top of your plunger and set aside.

2. Place your plunger on top of your scales and tare.

3. Grind 60g of coffee on medium grind.

4. Pour the ground coffee into your plunger.

5. Tare off your scales and start your timer.

6. Add 1 litre of water heated to 94C.

7. Pour water in a circular motion to saturate the grinds until you see 350g on your scales.

8. Coming up to 4 minutes, gently break and stir in the crust to ensure all grinds are saturated.

9. Put the lid back on and allow to steep for another 4 minutes.

10. Replace the top of the plunger and gently plunge.

10. Keep pressing the plunger until the grinds resist. Do not compress the grinds.

11. Pour a cup for all your friends.

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