Classic filter brewer for supplying everyone at home or in the office.

What you will need:

  • — Moccamaster
  • — Paper filters
  • — 60g of freshly ground coarse coffee
  • — 1L of filtered water

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How to brew with Moccamaster

A lot has changed for filter coffee since the questionable taste of coffee sitting around in the American diners. Quick and easy to supply you with 1 litre of coffee at a time, Mocamaster is perfect for a bottomless cup when you need fuel all day. Enjoy your brew straight up or with a bit of milk, it tastes great every way.

1. Get a paper filter and rinse to remove paper odours. Fold the edges of the filter and place it inside the brew basket.

2. Fill the reservoir with 1 Ltr of filtered water.

3. Pour 60g of freshly ground coffee into a paper filter and lightly tap sides so that the coffee bed is flat.

4. Replace the brew basket and ensure the drip stop lever on the filter basket is set to the 'open' position.

5. Turn on the Moccamaster.

6. Stir the coffee with a spoon to get all the grinds wet for best flavour.

7. Watch as the water boils and starts making your brew (we know you want to!).

8. Keep refilling your mug or supply a whole team.

Tip: Plug the Moccamster into a wall timer and set before going to bed so that it starts brewing when you wake up. Roll out of bed and your coffee is ready.

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